GOD'S Sabbath Rest

Sacred Principles Paraphrased

The History of Our World
What Is Eternity?
Yes, GOD Exists
Design Your Perfect GOD
GOD'S Offer To Every Man
Hunger of The Soul For The Bread of Life
Behold The Character of This World
The Holy Bible
Christianity: The First & True Religion
New Christian's Guide To Holiness
The Bible Only Is Holy
New Earth: Capital of The Heavens
"The end from the beginning"
Who is This GOD of Christianity?
Great Stories of The Bible
The Magnificence Of Forgiveness
It's What GOD Says About You
What Is Omniscience?
The Book of Life
The Life of an Angel
The Snares of Satan
Placing Limits On GOD'S Power
Reality of Churchmen Denying Christ's Counsel
The Catholic Church: Then And Today
Are There Any Protestants?
The Corrupt Doctrine of Eternal Hellfire
The Balance Between Faithfulness And Apostasy
The Wakeup Call
GOD'S Judgments Against Sin
Things In Life GOD Never Intended
Halloween: An Acceptable Fear?
America's Closing Journey
Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse
The Three Angels Message
The Laodicean Church
Metamorphosis of Man "in Christ"
Let Nature Teach
"Time & Chance..."
GOD Knows His Own
All You Have Ever Wanted To Be
Atheism's Contribution To Life's Destruction
"Fruits Meet For Repentance"
The Warnings of Christ
Battle of The Bibles
The Struggle of Faith
Our Only Means To Disarm Temptation
Victory Over Sin
Spiritual Fortitude Through Diet
The Contest For Job's Allegiance
Guarding The Avenues Into My Soul
The Book of Enoch: A Fraudulent Document
Slain For Their Faith
Just What Has Jesus Saved Us From?
The Night Christ Was Born
The Advent of "Emmanuel"
The Humility of Love
The Shepherds On The Night Christ Was Born
The Wise Men of The East
Land of Judea When Christ was Born
Mary, Mother of Jesus
The Childhood of Jesus
John The Baptist
The Glorious Name of Jesus Christ
Proof of the LORD Jesus Christ
Christ Repairs the Breach
The Wedding at Cana
The Beatitudes
Little Children
Become as Little Children
Child Discipline
Children's Talents
The Woman Caught in Adultery
The Story of Mary Magdalene
Healing At Bethesda
Those Jesus Delivered From Shame
The Rich Man & Lazarus
Christ's Contrasts
The Parables of Jesus
The Ten Virgins
The Three Trials of Jesus
Passion Week: Palm Sunday
Passion Week: The Fig Tree
Passion Week: Tuesday in The Temple
Passion Week: Wednesday "Hypocrites!"
Passion Week: The Last Supper & Gethsemane
Passion Week: The Cross of Calvary
Passion Week: The Sabbath Observance
Passion Week: Horray! Resurrection Day!
Passion Week: Resurrection Witnesses
Why The Cross?
The Death Jesus Faced
Orthodox Judaism
The Judas Kiss
Why The Jews Rejected Jesus
Death Could Not Hold Him!
The Resurrection
The Faith of Jesus
The Knight In Shining Armour
The Character of our Creator
What Does It Mean To Be A Child Of GOD?
The Forgiveness Provided By Jesus
Prayer As Directed By Jesus
Overcome Evil With Good
The Voice of GOD
The Pure Language of GOD
The Protection of GOD
The Laws of GOD
The Victory of GOD
The Fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70
The Christian's Relationship To Israel
Hang In There
"the fourth day" of Creation
"the fifth day" of Creation
"the sixth day" of Creation
"the seventh day" Rest From Creation's Work
Adam: Our Premier Father
"Am I my brother's keeper?"
Noah The Movie
Giants In The Earth
The Flood
The Story of Job
From Abram To Abraham
Lot's Wife
From Jacob To Israel
The Life of Moses
From Lowly Shepherd to Great Leader
The Sanctuary Service
Judges of Israel
The Story of Gideon
GOD Granted My Petition
The Heroism of King David
Abigail The Godly Wife of David
The Sons of David
Solomon and the Cross
Good Kings of Israel & Judah
ELISHA: The Prophet of Life
JONAH: The Fearful Prophet
Isaiah The Prophet & Earth's Closing Scenes
The True Prophet of GOD
Three Kings Who Loved The Prophet Daniel
Great Women of The Bible
Heaven's Forgiveness
The Story of Peter
From Saul To Paul
Distribution of Talents
Stumbling Over Paul
The Gift To GOD of Prayer
The Angels of Revelation
When The Church Fled From Rome
Unmasking Islam
Hilda The Abbess of Whitby
Genghis Khan
John Wycliffe
The "Renaissance" & The Urbino Bible
William Tyndale
The Great Men of The Reformation
A Great Story of The Reformation
History of the New Testament
KJV Under Siege
Building Blocks of Faith
Bible Illiteracy = Enslaved In Darkness
Discouragement: Satan's Advantage
The Balance GOD Provided To Save His Children
Creation Science Absolutes
Petrified Wood Validates The Bible
Granite Validates The Bible
From Rock To Man
Faith in Creation or Evolution?
Christianity, Atheism, Paganism & The Occult
Godless Atheism vs. Faith "in Christ"
What Atheists and Christians Share
S.E.T.I. vs. The Cross
The History of War & Where it Leads
The Father Of Sin
Know Your Enemy
Sin, Tyranny, and the Devil
Spiritual Nutrition To Defend Against Spiritual Cancer
The Master of Camouflage
Fortune Tellers
Satan's Miracles Deceive the Church
Deceiving Miracles
Charismatic "tongues" & The 2nd Advent
The Three Frogs of Revelation
The Bondage of Superstition
The Common Snares of Spiritualism
After-Death Experiences
The World
Satan's Counterfeit Religions
The Prophecy of Roman Catholicism
History of The Jesuit Order
"Seven Year Tribulation" Exposed
Preparing The Way For The Advent of Christ
The Church: It's Condition Before GOD
The Dishonest Rendering of History
The Ruling Elites of Rome
The Core of Church Apostasy
The Age of Papal Rule
Revelation 13 Commentary
"The False Prophet"
Left Behind
Churchmen Denying Christ's Counsel
Today's Prophecy Gurus Openly Deceive
Religion of Fear & Reward is Worthless
The Role of Personal Taste in Religion
Head Games of Secret Societies
All That is Hidden Will Come To Light
The Heart of Today's Religion
Why So Many Denominations?
Jehovah's Witness: The Arrogance of Ignorance
Why So Many Bible Translations?
Bible Literacy
Prayerful Study of GOD'S Word
The Path of Choice
Liberty Through Understanding
The Heaven-born Desire to Live
Historicist View of Bible Prophecy
Taste The Superior
Bible References To The Perfect GOD
"The fear of the LORD"
For Every Threat There's A Promise
The Universe
The Meaning of the Word, Sabbath
The 4th Commandment
What Might Have Been if Sinners Didn't Rule
The Before And After
Choosing The Superior Over The Inferior
The Two Versions of Love
The Holy Spirit
The Four Themes
GOD: "Bless The Poor in The Land"
As it was Then, So it is Today
The Lottery And The Pool of Bethesda
GOD'S Last Call To His Wayward Children
Heavenly Judgment
The Lesson of Oskar Schindler
Straight Testimony From GOD'S Love Letter To Man
Fact or Fiction?
The First Day
Prophecy of Blessing
The Promise of Return
Only Good News
Love, Like Beauty Can Only Be Demonstrated
Life Is All In The Details
Our History Is Our Future
Creation's Contemplation
The Omniscient Love of GOD the Father
Laws Uplifting the Liberty of Happiness
Subservient Love is GOD'S Law
Stories of Deliverance
GOD Knows His Own
Sometimes Life Brings You Down
A Lesson of Courage
Nutrition And Faith
Rubbish Pawned Off As Personal Growth
The Health Crises In America
The Bible's Best Diet
The Danger of Living in Cities
No Balm In Gilead
Industry vs. The Environment
The Slaughterhouse
The Primary Threat: Man
Carnal Minded Intellectuals
The Power of Sin
Anger Management
Are You Safe Under Your Preacher's Wings?
Jesus Does Not Descend To The Earth
Holding The Four Winds
Await! Await! The Coming of The LORD
Sin's War of Attrition
The Justice of GOD'S Judgments Against Sin
What Are The True Riches?
Living High On The Hog
America's No.1 Social Problem
Love's Perversion
An Important Issue Facing Us Today
Hidden Spirits Behind Gambling
"Wonders Without Number"
"Ever Learning..."
Gay & Lesbian Lifestyles
Marring GOD'S Image In Man
A Mother's Honor
Divorce and Crime
On The Question of Self-Abuse
Man's Relentless War on Love
Co-conspirators To Murder
The World's Reward For Righteous Labor
The Second Amendment
The Fifth Commandment Preserves The Family
Isaiah 29
Faith or Presumption
GOD & Country
Extremes Men Go For Supremacy
Riches of Men
In The Lap of Luxury
The Love That Waxes Cold
From Politics to Religion
Religion & Politics: Let's Cut to the Chase
Democracy In Action
Responsibility: Of GOD And Man
America In Prophecy
America in Peril
Global Warming & The Gospel of Jesus
The Handwriting on the Wall
"Take Heed That No Man Deceive You"
The Parameters of Sin
"The Scale" Principle in Life and Salvation
The Great Depression
"The Beginning of Sorrows"
America: The Sinking of a Nation
The Prophecy of Matthew 24
The Last Time Prophecy: Daniel 8:14
The Prophecy of the Last Temptation
Rabbi Izhak Kaduri: Satan's Pawn For Israel
Israel's Place In Bible Prophecy
A Most Profound Bible Passage
The Coming Event Testing Man's Mettle
The Ten Steps To The 2nd Advent
Why The Earth Must Meet Its End
The Saints Judgment before Christ Comes
Church/State Union in America
Man's Version Of The Commandments
Man's Law or GOD'S Law?
The Voice of Righteousness is The Victor
The Two Competing Governments
The Bible's Clear Instruction
The Meaning of The "Forehead" & The "Hand"
"For the fashion of this world passeth away"
The Seal of GOD
The Coming Famine
What Is It Like To Die?
All Wildlife Will Die
The Reason For Christ's Denunciation of Jews & Christians
The Manner of Jesus' Return
Revelation 16 Commentary
The Day The Earth Flips
Cavalry To The Rescue!
GOD'S People Delivered
Heaven's Homecoming
Family Reunion
Wings of the Saints
New Jerusalem
Millennium and 2nd Resurrection Judgment
The Book of Life
What Does it Mean to Die?
The Definition of Hellfire
The Judgment and New Earth
From Eden Lost To Eden Restored
Prophecies of the New Earth
Prophecy Seminar: Liberty Through Understanding
I. Life's Injustice vs. Human Ideals
II. Methods to Refine our Judgment
III. Can We Prove the Existence of GOD?
IV. Who is GOD?
V. Who am I?
VI. What is Sin?
VII. Who is Satan?
VIII. Satan Perverts GOD'S Most Sacred Warning
IX. Satan's Entrapment
X. How Can I Express My Gratitude to Jesus Christ For His Love and Sacrifice for Me?
XI. What Methods Does GOD Use To Provide Life And Salvation?
XII. How To Understand The Closing Events
XIII. The Simple Remedy
XIV. How Have All The Churches Failed The GOD They Claim To Serve?
XV. The Last Drama of the Controversy
XVI. "The Seal of GOD"
Prophecy Seminar Epilogue
Seminar Appendix
Timeline Charts
Shelter From the Storm
How Many Lost?
History Validates Man's Halfhearted Service to GOD
The Evangelists
Poetry of Salvation
Sacred Principles Paraphrased
Our Place of Worship
The Zenith of Man's Disgrace
Core Beliefs
Author's Testimony
Brief Personal Testimony
Testimony of My Fall & Restoration

Anthology of Maxims
Bridging Scripture
With Human Nature


       Each maxim in this collection is a paraphrase of a principle of the Holy Bible, to teach and exonerate the path where all are safe with one another and expose the conduct unbecoming to Christians.


       Within the shadowy temperaments of human nature are still seen the Penetrating Rays of Hope sent from GOD to dispell the darkness of ignorance and superstition (Gen.1:3; Ps.119:105), that man can see precisely where his path is heading (Isa.42:23,24). Therefore, it is the purpose of this labor to foster discernment by bridging our dilemma with Scripture’s prescribed solutions.  Developing sufficient understanding to span the events of our lives with their corresponding Bible lesson will augment our ability to put into our own words the Sacred Testimonies of GOD, as each of us must stand before His throne and testify to the measure of our faith (Rom.14:12).


       This list seeks to improve all areas of our Christian walk as the old saying gives warning, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” For in the closing scenes of this world’s sinful history the testimony of GOD’S people will be the key to the success of the closing work. And the testimony of every man is found in GOD’S Sacred Word, whether for good or for evil, for the Holy Bible will judge every man who has ever lived (Jn.12:48), whether they were aware of it or not (Zech.13:6;Jn.10:16), and the Bible gives allowances for every case (Eze.18:30).


       Despite the infallible safetynet of Bible guidelines, the heart of deception and betrayal in western civilization is seen by the Vatican of Rome overruling this heaven-ordained process to determine who is safe to dwell with Jesus Christ and who is not.  Their own words sum up the foundation on which they build: “The Church is above the Bible.”—The Catholic Record, Sept. 1, 1923. Because of this stance of self-supremacy against the Holy Word of GOD the Roman priesthood is blind to discern the boundaries of Satan’s jurisdiction over life vs. what comes under GOD’S protection: all of which are addressed in Sacred Writ. To be blind to the one is to stumble over the other.  One pitiful example: the church has endorsed testimonies of young, innocent Catholic girls, (under the spiritual guardianship of their Catholic parents), who were taken off in vision by the supposed virgin Mary and shown the torments of people screaming and agonizing in hellfire while the impersonated Mary declares, “This is where the sinners go.” This, among other “great signs and wonders” that the Savior warned would come shows the vile character of the Vatican religion in the lives of men!  GOD would never afflict the lives of His children with anything so heinous, so Unbiblical—so UnChristlike! And every deceiving miracle today is a reflection of the choices of men not GOD’S will! His will is to save, not destroy: to speak in truth, not deceive. Nevertheless, the Bible’s prophecies of Satan’s utter destruction are unmistakable; and all who are blind to his deceptions are to share his fate of cremation by fire when the LORD cleanses the Earth of the ghoulish distortions of life, myriad corruptions through Satan’s forcing sin on all of GOD’S creatures, great and small. And yet, these explicitly sadistic manifestations are presented as infallible proof that GOD is leading the Vatican to salvation, and all who join her will be spared an eternity of suffering the torments of hellfire. And because of these miracles united with Rome’s 1,260-year history of atrocities against life in its insatiable lust for power to rule the world, multitudes blame the Holy Bible for the incurable blasphemies of Rome. Atheism would never have arisen if GOD were rightly represented, for everyone longs for a Perfect Father Who Lives to Bless His Children’s happiness.


       Over 500 years before Christ it was prophesied through the prophet Daniel that the Vatican would never repent: their sins would remain forever incurable no less than the terminal apostasy of ancient Israel and Judah. In essence, by turning away from Scripture’s fulness of counsel, as most religions have, they have substitued their own system of salvation, which is the age-old blemished offering to GOD, extending back in time to the self-righteous offering of Cain, the firstborn of Adam. His offering was a public denial of Jesus Christ.  That same denial is seen in today’s ruling religions. And although Cain turned away from Christ’s salvation, his little brother revered and cherished GOD’S Word.  Abel’s offering was respected and accepted by GOD because of the strength of wisdom seen by his choice.  Abel’s integrity was fortified through his prayer to maintain sincerity in his love for GOD by avoiding “vain repetitions,” the hallmark of today’s religions. Abel showed faith in the perfection of GOD’S Word, and did not use GOD to fulfill self-serving ambition.


1. Inspiration will fade, but fortified faith will redeem.

2. Civil peace should be the goal, but Man takes control over things where only harm can result. 

3. Your life from birth until now is a collection of inherited traits and personal experiences. The quality of theses experiences determines where you stand in character.

4. As society rewards pride and ambition, which imposes hardship on others, so man is incapable of being entrusted with the care of life.

5. Our expectations will fulfill or prevent our desired future.

6. GOD always grooms all men to increase their understanding, to accomplish a greater appreciation of His Glory.

7. Only a clear discernment of the future can wisely guide the decisions of the present. And where we have no future we have no presence.

8. Employing the mask of pretentious knowledge to cover personal ignorance and shame only increases it, but man despises the laws of GOD and therefore works to overrule their authority by substituting his own.

9. The blessings of Christ are infinite both in wisdom and love. But in whose life He has no presence a genuine search has not taken place.

10. What is “reward enough” to bring obedience? It is time to cross the Red Sea. It will not recede until it is taken head-on knowing the Word of GOD gave the command.

11. New advancements make obsolete the previous in both technology and knowledge, “But the Word of our GOD shall stand forever.”

12. The Creator of Heaven and Earth didn’t send another to do His work of redeeming the world, for the grand accusation of Satan against GOD demanded the very death of GOD to prove His Law is synonymous with Love. 

13. An unruly temperament is belligerent to moral decency. 

14. Remember where you wasted your time and then leave it behind. It’s time to steadily increase our reliance on GOD.

15. GOD blesses us to bless others. 

16. Christ and Gabriel: The history of their union knows no defeat. Twice they united, and twice victory followed. Therefore, the presence of your assigned angel with Jesus Christ guarantees your victory through faith.

17. None need be lost. GOD has provided all we need and hope for, to the end of time.

18. How limitless is the truth of GOD. Greater than all the riches of earth; and yet, men choose the dung instead of gold.

19. Inspiration shall wane and then comes the pain. One pushes from behind: One calls from ahead.

20. The history of man’s clumsiness gives counsel, just as an older brother whose trial and error goes before.

21. Knowledge is infinite. Eternity shall never see its end. But men choose to die rather than believe “God is love.”

22. The devil always leads to false hope, prodding men to destroy themselves. This is the fruit of sin.

23. Fact and fiction: to know the difference between the two.

24. You cannot share with the influence of the Holy Spirit what you don’t walk in life.

25. Men too often live out their lives void of practical reason.

26. The world only promotes distractions from the reality of GOD’S salvation.

27. The shaping forces of GOD develop humanity to our betterment, never our decline. This is the mystery of godliness.

28. To always pray for blessings within GOD’S jurisdiction guarantees the desired end. In the most redemptive way prayer is answered.

29. Only through prayerful study of GOD’S Sacred Word can a Spirit filled mind accomplish the highest precision in carrying out the vital work of GOD for the blessing of man.

30. You cannot imagine a more joyful life than the one GOD promises to provide through Jesus Christ. Sin works to eliminate it, for it fights the gift of GOD.

31. Repentance comes with my choice. Repentance also comes with yours.

32. The Constellation Orion is the direction from which Christ will soar to save His Bride from the clutches of sins’ death-grip. Devote yourself entirely to Him, for in the Temple of Heaven He intercedes for you and those you love. But clerics, monks, pastors, reverends, priests and popes drown themselves in the whirlpool of “the tradition of men.”  

33. All are fearful of death, and because of that fear man fails his own conscience and spitefully commits immorality.

34. Give honor to GOD’S counsel: His preference is your best decision.   

35. To know the devices that digress from the true is to know every enemy. Every step of sin’s degradation is evident based on its obvious departure from the Ten Commandments of Jesus Christ.

36. Religious America lives on lies and half-truths. But true resolution only comes from GOD’S Sacred Law.

37. To remain within the jurisdiction of understanding and blessing: this alone brings safety. But sin and death are Satan’s creation; and anything that celebrates it own ruin is deserving of neither deliverance nor life.

38. As the intemperance of man takes everything too far so man lives a life of extremes.

39. To warn others of their sin is to truly love them, but the lack of humility works to oppose true love’s expression.

40. A cloudy mind weakens willpower to walk in the path of good conscience.  All that is done in healthy exercise determines the refinement of conscience.

41. GOD does not limit His children to one talent, just as symmetrical attention given to all things provides stability.

42. “…not given to much…”—Paul 

43. The liars cry faithfulness when treachery is their aim, but bring honor to man through the honor GOD has placed on him, by His Word.

44. To always build our friendships through the avenue of mutual experience, centering on the plight of man and the deliverance of GOD from every affliction: this is our civil duty.

45. The gift of knowledge is like the flow of water from GOD’S throne; it gives life, but the slothfulness of Christianity postpones the 2nd Advent indefinitely.

46. GOD gives people the power of ministry to reach out and share; and those who stand in the channel of His Blessings fulfill His Holy Desire.

47. Everything of this world distracts from the ways of GOD. But the sense of emptiness after a life of reckless indulgence leads some men to reconsider.

48. If the culture demands that I shake your hand, kiss you, or bow, I will shake your hand, kiss you, or bow. But behind these trademarks of courtesy and integrity lies a sinful heart—and who knows the character behind the courtesy.

49. Proceeding in obedience to GOD’S will, as defined in Sacred Writ, will provide the best for man, for this will always bring rest to the heart and assure one’s salvation.

50. Thank our Creator for the strength of desire to understand. For there is nothing we can claim as our own except His gift of our freewill and His salvation through Jesus Christ.

51. The sharper the lesson the more painful the point.

52. If it were up to the cowards of this world Christ would never come.

53. Religious idols mock the dignity of man.

54. How deserving of honor is GOD; and yet, Satan succeeds in his temptations on the intellect, scheming his plots of destruction for every man. And men are clueless, from the intellectual to the impulsive. The devil’s success in their ruin unfolds in untold numbers, all because Satan is hidden from our three dimensional view in life! He merely lurks in another dimension, and this allows his close proximity to his human victims. He is the quintessential invading alien spewing darkness to suffocate GOD’S Light. And yet, man is “ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

55. The LORD has given all people rough abilities to be educated and formed, that He might facet the rough into a pleasing gem, not only in the sight of conscience, but to provide the reflection of His Light to our fellow man. Thus, to this purpose is sanctification life-long. The lessons of GOD are in fact eternal in their scope. Throughout eternity men will never say, “Now I know it all.”

56. To believe in GOD or not to believe: All or nothing is the cry of the human spirit.  To those who desire GOD’S care, GOD will cultivate the soil of their soul as a “tender plant out of a dry ground.”

57. Build your knowledge of the Creator. Examine the sheer scope of this knowledge and the wealth it brings; it cannot be measured by the riches of this world. It’s like measuring the sun’s light in candles.

58. Allow your life to come together under the LORD’S guiding hand! But man has “limited the Holy One of Israel” in His Holy Desire to bless the prosperity of life.

59. Every fruit of sin makes man clumsy; therefore defeating GOD’S Desire, in what He knows could be accomplished.

60. Evil men have exponentially increased the destruction of life.  And when it comes to sin: men laugh it off. 

61. Remember the area of your life that has claimed most of your time? Halt giving glory to those things that avail nothing: that have no eternal value; and identify it for what it is: the fruit of sin; reminding yourself that sin never benefits life.

62. On holy ground! With its many lessons GOD leads us over. And some: repeatedly.

63. GOD is far too valuable to deserve neglect or abuse. Therefore, be economically tasteful in all things, knowing the temporary riches of earth cannot compare to the eternal wealth of “Paradise.”

64. How you control your life now, determines the degree of achievement or loss at your death. Man’s aspirations are heaven-bound and Christ promises to take us there, but men have labored to take another path: through the sticker bushes, as it is written, “It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” There are many practices that have no association with eternity, and any manmade religion that undermines the Sacred Law stands complicit to the murder of Jesus Christ. It can never continue in heaven. And today’s leading religions are manmade; therefore they too will end.

65. Some things should be used wisely under the circumstances we live: hope, desire, resistance, and affliction.

66. Through the Omniscient Father, through the Omnipotent Son, through the Omnipresent Holy Spirit, through you, to others! As Christ has led before so He leads today that none need stand in ignorance. 

67. The Father has been subservient to His Son, by providing the maximum joy for His victorious rescue of Life from the terminal cancer of sin. Why not live to contribute to His joy.

68. Bridge your life’s experience to Scripture—as prayerfully able.

69. Man has cultivated violence into many sports where there can be only one winner. It’s subversive influence eclipses the Gospel. It has become an art form, whose fruit is most bitter to the taste so that the conscience becomes subjugated to things inherently violent. But no one loses with Jesus Christ.

70. America has lost sight of its factual vision for the future, preferring instead fictional suppositions. As a result, “here and now” is the only impulse that dominates society. Capitalism thrives on hasty, beguiled impulse, which always defeats the strength of reason and the truth GOD has intended to bring to every soul. Until the value of selfish indulgence for the immediate is relinquished all suffering will continue to the end of time.

71. But kind words should always ring in the heart, whether of GOD, family or friends.

72. GOD desires all to see what can be done through Him. Before criticisms proceed from the lips, let GOD, through you, show how it’s done. It is humility, not pride that receives the ways of GOD.

73. To believe in a Master of Grace, Who guides and shepherds life, is tangibly proven by the features of life that deserve to survive forever.

74. The LORD can work anything to our salvation, while the harm done under the devil’s rule is irretrievable. 

75. To be weaned from the ways of this world, to stop holding others back from their potential. 

76. If the LORD blesses our prayers for the little creatures, how much more for the stature of man made in His Image.

77. When it comes to the habits of evil not everyone falls into the same category. While many exalt their evil as being somehow less offensive in the eyes of GOD, all sin murdered the LORD Jesus Christ, however small. This alone is why GOD said, “Repent…that ye might live.”

78. Learn to know the reasons why things are the way they are. GOD shares His Omniscience through Scripture to guide our path. 

79. Creative ideas that lead to personal reform are worthy to examine. Put all things to sober use.

80. When desperation takes hold the greater the mischief.

81. Who can measure the sacrifice of GOD? Man’s cannot compare to the Infinite, which knows no beginning nor end.

82. Is GOD about to…? Or is He working to…?

83. Every lesson of Scripture (and summed up there are only Ten) each applies to our day, and all time.

84. GOD’S checkpoints: His sovereign control over all things for man’s redemption.  As pregnancy has a series of checkpoints (or tests of acceptance) that must be satisfied before the pregnancy proceeds to perpetuate life, so GOD has His checkpoints for the last generation of men, before they can be translated to Glory at the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ.

85. “The four winds” of Jeremiah 49:36 and Revelation 7 are held back until man’s cup of iniquity is full. Then comes the grand finale of onslaught against the gospel, from every apostate man and angel—simultaneously—and as a flood it will come. And only those aboard the ark of Christ’s Righteousness will survive the tempest.

86. You are free to develop your tastes, strengths and weaknesses. Only guide them as GOD directs “and not of yourself.”

87. The presence of Christ brings His merits of faith and obedience to the soul of the believer: this is the ministry of Christ after His ascension to the temple of heaven.

88. Had duty been done, so much more could have been accomplished, and Christ could have come—a long, long time ago.

89. Let this be one vow that is kept. For if man was obedient to his own word, he would know that GOD is obedient to His and therefore the act of sinning need not rule the life.

90. What is the trigger between GOD unleashing His wrath and man’s cup of iniquity? when a million more years of life would avail nothing. Man closes his probation: but only GOD knows the time.

91. Every thought, word, temptation, and action are known to GOD, but are also recorded by angels for you and me, to rest in faith that there is nothing hidden that will not be made known whether for righteousness or unrighteousness.

92. To regain lost ground, vow to the LORD. Strive for victory in the test, and greater things will you learn and be entrusted with. In the end will be seen that those who love Christ the most will have done the greatest work.

93. “Why, that’s not a sin,” says the infidel; thus, their destruction must come.

94. Confusing godly things with the ungodly: the pure with the polluted dawns the extinction of life.

95. Hopeful expectations are constantly being denied in this world, testing the perseverance of the faithful.

96. As learning one’s shortcomings to understanding their cause and effect, so is the goodness that GOD gives to people in spite of themselves.

97. Those who laugh at others in affliction (however minute) will be reciprocated the same degree of ridicule; that they might repent.

98. Faith in GOD invites the presence of the Holy Spirit, who never forces the will of anyone to receive Him; and the honest in heart always will.

99. Temper the appetite, and pray with humility in order to minister with courage and perseverance.

100. We are not a civilization that can be entrusted with life; and human government creates entrapment into every hurtful scheme.

101. There is disproportion of attention given to non-productive recreation.

102. By misusing the creative imagination evil develops in sophisticated exercise, but GOD judges the secret longing for repentance.

103. Just as the unruly actions of one student in the classroom punishes the whole class so sin’s government is oppressive to all because of the intemperate few; and the few that cause the harm always transfer the blame to the innocent.

104. So much of the mind has been developed on wrong habits and ideas.

105. As pesticides dope the unwanted creatures to death so does man’s abuse of “controlled substance.”

106. Sin has afflicted all life in this world. This is why GOD will remove all evidence of sin’s blight, with one exception: the sin-piercing wounds in the hands, feet, and side of the Savior Jesus Christ. The glory of His sacrifice to restore the Sabbath Rest of GOD knowing the everlasting tranquility of life will be established and remain forever.

107. Every question has its answer. To proceed in the light of Scripture gives the assurance of finding life’s answers for “the poor in spirit,” “they that mourn, “the meek,” “they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness,” “the merciful,” “the pure in heart,” “the peacemakers,” “and they which are persecuted for righteousness sake.”

108. The delay in GOD’S judgment against His wayward children proves His longsuffering and hunger for gentleness, but men accelerate their doom.

109. It is sinful to attribute the betrayal from both men and devils to that of GOD.  Thoughtful consideration should influence all that is said and done, in light of the Cross.

110. To open one’s heart means to make one vulnerable.  To open to sinful men is typically unsafe.  But to GOD it is an everlasting safety that will never be betrayed.

111. An educated guess given in the tone of an absolute has but one purpose: to deceive into sin.

112. All things destructive will one day stop.  The self-destruction as seen in every human government guarantees this end.

113. Why will so many be lost?  Because GOD judges the secret lusts of men whose sole desire is to commit sin. 

114. Reason together to the mutual guiding of one another.

115. Cut the harmful short and move on to perfection: the perfection to which GOD calls all men.

116. It is as though we are hanging from a rope ten miles below the cliff’s edge and GOD is working to hoist us to safety; easing on the pace when difficult obstacles get in the way.

117. Only the LORD could coordinate such wonderful providences in spite of the obstacles.

118. To do that which is holy in the sight of GOD gives peace to the childlike, trusting heart in each of us.

119. Satan’s presence must be forcibly removed.  Resisting           temptation gives GOD jurisdiction to restrain the Enemy. Giving in to the temptation restrains GOD.

120. Its not that GOD willfully afflicts the children of men but that His jurisdiction of influence is bound by a set of laws of which Satan refuses to comply.

121. Enthusiasm lasts but a moment, and eternal things are too often held only as long as the attention span of a whim. Man merely lives a life of moods and whims, and through these short-lived moments of interest Satan works to gain control, through the wearying temptations and destructive providence under his regulation.

122. Man refuses the compass heading commanded of GOD, but all feel the magnetic pull of salvation. 

123. Sin produces no true elegance: no gemstone from dung.

124. It is never the intention of military invention to serve GOD.

125. As most Christians live their lives out of touch with the depths of evil, so their lifelong beliefs are trapped in the superstitions of childhood.

126. By understanding the controversy against the Gospel, we can see just how controlled the sinful race is, in the hands of sin’s puppeteer, Satan.

127. The need to fulfill our aspirations, both earthly and heavenly is continuously weakened through the betrayal of our fellow men. And having a lousy statistic of success most abandon their perseverance to overcome.

128. The corruption of trying to blend carnal philosophy and worldly salesmanship with the teaching of Truth, the Apostle Paul thoroughly understood.

129. Blind faith in false expectations: allowing the base passions to subdue the strength of reason.

130. Lying is simply pawning off falsehood as truth. To be vigilant for one another’s safety is to hold back incorrect assertions from taking hold in the lives of those we love, which should include all men.

131. Man is so analytical while choosing the road to self-destruction. Experimentation to find the boundaries of destruction ultimately threatens our preservation, but assessing the true skills needed to benefit life should reign.

132. As clumsiness is overextending one’s capability, so blinded eyes have lost sight of spiritual truths.

133. GOD provides joy in accomplishing mechanical tasks, however mundane.

134. Confusing fame with success.  The employment of vanity is demanded by society before fame and acceptance is granted; and arrogance is always rewarded.

135. Vanity is merely enthusiasm for things of no value: boasting to be what we are not, playing roles that are not who we are.

136. The suicidal disposition is seen how men sabotage their own lives in the presence of GOD by actually holding their souls hostage while demanding the free exercise of sin.

137. One’s good reputation often conceals one’s less than good character.  Many are unwilling to face their personal shame before GOD; therefore, man has lowered GOD’S ways to his own.

138. As an inadequate search for self-worth breeds’ envy, so is taking the glory of another’s accomplishment and claiming it as one’s own. Every sin works against humility.

139. Extending false hope suppresses GOD’S desire for His children. Our concern should be to speak the Word of Christ, for the love of Christ speaks to all.

140. It’s not what you want but what you need. Man is literally crippled by allowing unproductive values to obstruct his true needs.

141. As strength of youth is often misconstrued to invincibility, so zeal for the objective often overrules fair play; and all competition is a form of tyranny masquerading in virtue.

142. Sin works to weaken the willpower in one’s ability to resist the power of temptation, even to the sacrifice of human life for a measly profit.

143. As the wild animals are tame when young but become fierce when mature, so are little children yearningly kind but maturity yields many unruly traits.

144. Promoting friendship for self-reward; embellishing testimony for the purpose of self-exaltation; standing in a self-righteous posture to gain the upper hand: all are displaying “a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.”

145. As men are enabling sin to the purpose of its universal dominance, so men are robbing the time that could truly bless the lives of the innocent.

146. Rewarding evil suppresses the good desires of men. This is one of history’s constant traditions that make a mockery of truth and justice.

147. We are training our children to blur the distinction between virtue and sin; where the step crossing the line of demarcation becomes a small one.

148. Pride corrupts judgment, thus bringing harm to life. Harmful ways always cancel the long-term benefit.

149. Sin is responsible for everything that displeases your soul.

150. Men’s lust for power has become as natural as breathing.

151. People keep gambling on chance when the odds are stacked against them. And although they know it they still proceed.  But there is no “element of chance” with the victory of Jesus Christ: His is absolute.

152. Mary Magdalene is a type of the end-time church.  As the disciples united in condemnation of her when she alone followed the leading of Christ, so the churchmen condemn where GOD leads His faithful ones.

153. All that you have ever wanted to be, Jesus Christ has ever been.

154. The theme of the Christian’s life is to believe and pray for GOD to turn every curse into a blessing.

155. The underpinning of the world’s leading religions is not holiness but vanity.

156. The ripple effect from man’s blunders in sin: and his blindness to it stretches far and wide.

157. Elisha’s servant and Judas Iscariot, both were overcome by Satan before the face of their Masters.

158. The world is in the business of following after lies because they serve selfish aims.

159. Learn to cherish history: it will guide your future.

160. The heart of humility testifies that man, in and of his own strength, can never deliver himself.

161. To speak the word of truth against abusive leaders can only be answered with persecution.

162. I speak this to myself as to you.

163. Your most intelligent benevolence is achieved through exercising great care in its ingenuity.

164. The history of Earth is summed up in these simple words: 6000 years of a Father trying to regain the love of a son.

165. Sin is like a man who sits in a prison cell while the doors are all open leading to his freedom; and yet, he chooses to remain there.

166. The LORD has granted the human mind with the gift to understand, that through understanding, every obstacle is overcome.

167. Don’t let extremes get the upper hand in your life. Turn around every destructive trend.

168. The LORD has to work His salvation through the many deficiencies of the sinful mind and heart.

169. There is a simple method to bring the suffering of Earth to an end: cherish the Biblical Gospel.

170. The powers that be only offer doors to false glory.

171. You can achieve through prayer as long as your mind isn’t made up.

172. That Islam forces the daughters of GOD to cover themselves, and limit their education in life tramples the heaven-ordained glory for the daughters of GOD.  This extremism testifies to the weakness of men to stand against temptation.  This is proven by GOD’S prophecy of what provides supreme joy for any woman living in a sinful world: “thy desire to be to thy husband.” A godly man receives the earnest love of his wife.  She doesn’t have to be broken like a horse. While Islam’s cry against the United States that it is a nation of adulterers, they are correct in this assertion due to the explicit commandment of GOD forbidding adultery. But where they go against the Holy Law of Jehovah, just as the United States, is in their ignorance to be able to explain the sole purpose of sin. It is to blot out the seventh day Sabbath Commandment that GOD Who became the Christ chose for Himself after His completion of Creation and then Salvation at the time of the Passover Sacrifice. Our Redemption, in His promise that universal tranquility will one day flow as a river; the tranquility GOD established both in the beginning on the seventh day Sabbath and on the Eve of the Passover Sabbath at Calvary. Through men worshipping themselves they unite with Satan in his chosen course to prevent the restoration that GOD has promised will one day come. Whose Word shall stand in the end?

173. The Jews and Arabs are fighting a false war. All that Islam cries for GOD to be, Jesus is.  Likewise, all that YAWEH is, Jesus is. All that man hopes to see in GOD and become, Jesus is.

174. Sin is a handicap that prideful men won’t recognize its crippling jurisdiction. The unconverted heart is as a blind, deaf, quadriplegic in the wheelchair who believes He’s ready for the Olympics.  But GOD can deliver man: those who look to Him.

175. GOD’S Laws, while revealing the stranglehold of sin over life, are also the means by which people are saved and will forever be saved.  The Gospel is seen in His Law, for GOD lived by His Law in order to save us.  Therefore, to turn from the Law is to turn from salvation.

176. Atheistic Evolution claims exemption from the great controversy between Christ and Satan.  But today’s science is nothing more than the willful ignorance to the science of salvation.

177. To promote multiple views on Bible doctrine is like harvesting the weeds with the corn: to consume nutrition with toxin, an amalgamation of truth with error.  There is no strength to be gained by this diet.

178. Religious men who walk in pride should be wearing sackcloth.

179. Men have no concept of the warfare taking place among angels who intervene in the lives of men, to determine under whose allegiance they will stand: Satan’s or Christ’s.

180. The pride of the Vatican, who stand above the Holy Bible, not on the Bible, is destroying the world. And they will keep on destroying until nothing is left. The Bible prophesied this shameful fate for Rome over 2,500 years ago.

181. Catholicism, Protestantism, Spiritualism and Scholasticism: they are all heading in a direction whereby their union destroys the Earth. But most notably, to the devil they sacrifice their lives. And that’s the only way Satan can live: at their destruction.

182. As a son makes his father proud, so Christ paid supreme honor to His Father.

183. GOD’S commands to lessen our afflictions is the same means whereby the saints gain their victory.

184. The Christian’s non-offensive stance in times of war has been a great source of persecution from those who demand they kill their fellow man to preserve a nation that is fundamentally immoral and defiant to GOD.

185.Without the U.S. Military to preserve the peace of the saints, invasion would have come a long time ago, but without the presence of the saints, our nation’s fall would have been certain.

186. To believe and convey the theory of evolution is equivalent to standing in the rain and teaching the day’s weather as sunny. Blind to the obvious: too proud to see the blunder.

187. We came from perfection but due to sin we’re weakening; while evolution declares we’re getting better all the time. The very foundation of evolution is pride. And the GOD who defends the innocent will humble the proud whatever their rank. 

188. As man grows old he appreciates the risks, so the LORD provides increased understanding while life diminishes.

189. Sincerity is no basis for truth, but all innocent sin Christ has forgiven.

190. One thing nature teaches in light of Christian history, the pope is the leader of the lemmings among men.

191. The embodiment of life in a manmade object: that is man’s childish imitation of GOD’S creative work.  The problem comes when man begins to bow before it and serve it as if it has the power to save.

192. Prayer: Forgive us for choosing outside of Your will and wisdom; and lead our way.

193. None can stand outside of the Ten Commandments and claim to obey the will of GOD.

194. The LORD can heal the wounds we cause, for intemperance is a great evil.

195. The church has a role to play to determine when Jesus comes.

196. To give allegiance to any religion that claims to deliver from sin while leading its followers to live in sin is the epitome of betrayal.

197. Everything that exists is a steppingstone to Jesus Christ, but the stigma of sin is paralyzing.

198. The animals obey GOD to bless the sons and daughters of GOD.

199. Everything man discovers he pretends to have invented.

200. There is a crime that is six thousand years old: a cold case that refuses to be investigated. To be ignorant of this crime is to be ignorant of the cause of every crime.

201. A course that leads to death or to life! To live, set your eyes on a man, on a cross, who happens to be your Creator Who had to come to die to Save All and Reveal the source of our sorrow that He might take it away.

202. The Testimonies of GOD’S People are their Treasure. That’s all they have in this world, a testimony that testifies to only two things: The cost of deliverance seen by the Cross of Christ and our heaven ordained liberty of choice.

203. The powers that be are GOD ordained. How? The system man chose is where GOD placed His Bridle, to reign in and limit the suffering and loss.

204. Present Christ in a way He can be recognized.

205. Who do you want ruling over you?

206. The Knights of Columbus are the militant arm of the Jesuit Order.  And the Jesuits claim subservience to the pope.  It’s a chain of command on whose foundation rests the battle of Armageddon.

207. “Here a little, and there a little” lasts a lifetime.

208. If it’s GOD’S command it’s a command.  If it’s not its not!  Therefore, to say GOD commands celibacy, when Scripture does not, it is a sin.

209. To avoid discovery divert attention to someone more hated than you.

210. No greater statesmanship in life is found than the pure servant of GOD.

211. The stories of Hollywood, they could bring out the greatness of man, but instead they bring out the worst in man. Agitation is their means of shaking the money out of our pockets!

212. But to be lavished with every joy, comfort and affection…

213. The rich against the poor bring the judgments of GOD

214. The closing scenes of Earth’s present history expose the two factors of human annihilation on Earth: Rome’s scrapping of two Commandments and the cruel withholding of wealth

215. The greatest performance of your life is the work of GOD. Only with His presence you’re not acting

216. To live under Satan is to live under the death sentence, but so few turn to GOD.

217. How callas the human spirit really is.

218. There are topics that deserve more investigation.

219. All the people who devote so much time to unproductive activity: this is leisure and useless to the blessing of life.

220. I always thought that GOD worked to cover the shame of His children.

221. Disease? Every time you eat commercially grown fruits or vegetables you’re eating traces of pesticide.

222. Do you think anyone other than Jesus Christ could fast forty days and nights, and face the devil and have an even remote chance to succeed against his temptations?

223. The church’s neglect of vital areas of the closing work is like the father who tosses his four year-old son into the pool, and says, “Swim.”  This clumsy instruction is what GOD desires to spare man from.

224. I won’t kiss the pope’s ring but I will wash his feet.

225. Men are blind to the Gift bestowed of GOD

226. The world tolerates Rome for they agree with one purpose: keep Sin alive.

227. I will plagiarize if that communicates the finest language.  Jesus wills us to plagiarize Him: and language doesn’t get any finer than His. Use His Words, and imitate His walk in life: live by His culture.  He doesn’t take us to court over it.  So why is man at war with the very means to walk His path? Man refuses to streamline any course that leads to Him? The result, the human race literally wars against Utopia in every conceivable way.  The encyclopedia of this disgrace is a multi-volume set and will take a thousands to review.

228. Before we listen to Scripture we pray the LORD strengthen us through the temptations. Blessed be the day when they disappear.

229. Do you think the con men we see everyday in business is any different in religion, science, education or law? A blind eye to the obvious trend is the downfall of man.

230. It would not be accepted unless falsehood was foundational to its concept.

231. The Roman Catholic Church stands in an unforgiven position before GOD.  With them, the world cries “Barabbas.”

232. A moving image of tempestuous destruction under the Saviour’s feet while the angels work ahead of His path lifting faithful souls to safety.

233. As the world doesn’t end until death is decreed against Christian Sabbath keepers,

so Jesus doesn’t come until His people are threatened on a global scale.

234. The LORD’S marvelous forgiveness of ignorant sin in all its forms.

235. Some things you can’t take with you to heaven: sin being one.

236. Look at what Jesus suffered from His own disciples.  How much more will He suffer you.

237. Hollywood is blind to the most flawless performance ever witnessed on the Earth.  The role was Saviour of the World, and His name is Jesus.  He obeyed the script given Him in the most meticulous manner.  There aren’t enough Oscars in this world to accommodate the magnitude of His performance.  While His was genuine to Who He is.

238. Mourning goes well beyond the temporal grave


       Commandment Keepers invites every Christian to join the closing work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establish twelve member groups within your respective country, heralding the titles: Commandment Keepers Kenyan Assembly, British Assemby, Brazilian Assembly, etc.  As the Bible teaches, the redeemed of earth will come from "every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." Rev.14:6. And all will have stood faithful to Christ's Words, "But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments." Matt.19:17.
       To meet the specific cultural needs of the different peoples of the world, a custom tailored witness is vital for successful evangelism.  While the message of Salvation through the Creator/Christ is universal in its scope, people's cultural affections vary greatly from land to land.  What can bring tears of joy to one group can actually harden the hearts of another.
       To receive this ministry outline click "The Evangelists" below. It contains all the materials needed to succeed in this invaluable type of ministry.
       Two reasons for the need of small church companies at this time in history:
  1. There are six branch ministries, which cover all areas of the closing gospel work, providing each member with an invaluable task.  Teamed up in pairs for each of the branch ministries, none will sit on the sidelines, feeling useless, and where each have equal value to the success of the ministry's work. 
  2. Economic streamlining has become an essential factor in the closing work.  As America and other countries proceed in their place in Bible prophecy a structure of ministry must be in place to carry out the Savior's closing work on the minds and hearts of the people just at the time it is needed the most.  
       This efficient, low cost approach to the closing work will be lavished with GOD'S blessing.  Each of these small church companies will be given an eloquent, persuasive testimony by GOD: to share in the most privileged work on Earth: enlightening the world with His Glory: His redeeming love found in the truth, as the truth is in Jesus:" as Creator of heaven and earth; what He has done: as bearing the punishment for the sins of men; and what He is doing: interceding on behalf of His faithful children who are continuously accused of the devil; and what He will do: deliver His faithful children when He comes again. 
       Through His Presence, Guidance and Intervention, the faith of Bible literate and obedient Christians will swell to a lofty summit, preparing them for the coming of the LORD.  
       Lastly, no tithe is required except to budget your ministry's needs.

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