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The Rules of Engagement Between Christ & Satan

Memory Text: “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” I Cor.2:11

     Virtually the whole world, including the church is “ignorant of his devices.” This is because the boundaries between Christ’s jurisdiction and the devil’s have been withheld from the knowledge of men. The Bible plainly spells out this common betrayal. But as the seminaries in the various denominations ignore the warning signs of Satan’s mechanisms of destruction, it is a natural consequence that the congregations would stand ignorant to the variety of threats against their very souls’ salvation.

     In light of this, let us briefly review three examples of dearly beloved people who were betrayed to their destruction via this ignorance: beginning with Conchita Gonzalez.

     All throughout history demons have appeared before men as angels, saints, loved ones, ghosts and goblins, and have been promoted in every culture and religion, literally haunting people by the millions, frightening little children to tears generation after generation. Even the Devil’s impersonation of the Virgin Mary has rapped in vision vulnerable little Catholic girls, showing them the tormented souls of countless men in the flames of hell, speaking the soft-spoken words: "This is where the sinners go." This was the testimony of a Catholic lady named Conchita Gonzalas, in the religious movie, Armageddon. We must ask the simple question: “Why did not GOD have the legal right to prevent this demonic display of Satan’s jurisdiction in the life of this little innocent Catholic girl?”

     The answer lies in the 2nd Commandment, one of the two commandments that the Vatican has eternally condemned as heretical to church doctrine and therefore against salvation itself. But it is this commandment that repeatedly shows how the children always pay the price for the sins of their parents. Prayerfully read Exodus 20:4-6! Up until the age accountability the parents are the spiritual guardians of their children. And whatever power they submit themselves to, whether to righteousness or unrighteousness, this is passed on to their children as their inheritance until they are old enough to determine their spiritual destiny. This is why we see children perishing in the flood, the fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the ten plagues of Egypt. The very “mercy” of GOD in the 2nd commandment has been removed by Rome and replaced with their authority. And once the “mercy” of GOD is removed, the mercy that could only be carried out on the Cross of Calvary, this opens the door for Satan’s will to carry forward the destiny of the life surrendered to this sin.

     Another sad example, showing the jurisdiction of Satan is found in the life of Princess Diana. Prior to her death she went to see a psychic. And this psychic told her that she was to die in a car accident. This ‘prophecy’ came to pass and Diana died a horrible death. Of her own free will Diana surrendered to the jurisdiction of Satan and was overcome, plain and simple.

     But Diana didn't have to die! Had she turned to Christ and come under His jurisdiction the prophecy of the psychic would've been foiled, just as when the LORD stepped in to save Joshua the high priest: "And the LORD said unto Satan, The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan; even the LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?" Zech.3:2.

     Only in the judgment of heaven will people see how many have followed a similar path as that of Diana, surrendering their wills to fortunetellers, psychics, tarot cards and crystal balls. It is as Saul, the first king of Israel when he turned to the witch of Endor for counsel. That decision cost him his life here and for eternity. In essence, many turn to Satan for guidance and even salvation itself. GOD gave to us a list found in Deuteronomy 18:9-13 that warns of every harmful practice that leads people to come under the legal jurisdiction of Satan. This knowledge is 3,400 years old and people still don’t get it: even ministers of the church!

     The most fearful responsibility this world will ever know is the work of GOD. Too many men eagerly take up the work for which they are unfit. And far too many take this work and use it for selfish ease and gain. The ease loving ministers have no concept of their responsibility before the GOD of heaven; for if they did the example they would set before their congregations would be far different than they are.

     The “Oral Roberts” of this world, who claim GOD as some common mobster and thug who collects protection money; the “Benny Hinns” whose power to "slay in the spirit" is absolutely condemned of Scripture because it is nothing short of demon possession [which is one of only three reasons in Scripture for the loss of strength in the presence of Divinity (1. Rebellion against Christ: Jn.18:6; Matt.28:4; 2. Direct vision from GOD: Dan.10:16-18; Hab.2:2; and 3. Demon possession: Mk.3:11)]. The “Schullers” and “Osteens” whose "peace and safety" message is not preparing one soul to stand in the battle of Armageddon (I Th.5:3).

     The “Rod Parsleys” who work the congregation into a frenzy akin to an insane asylum declaring, “Now the spirit is here,” in total opposition to the Bible’s litmus test of godliness, “Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him show out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom. But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.” Ja.3:13-18.

     The “John Hagees” who spout off the Jesuit counter-reformation plans of future events dating back to the 16th century, to the Jesuit Francisco Ribera who devised the “future Antichrist” and “seven year tribulation.” Then there are the “D. James Kennedys”, the “Pat Robertsons” and “Jerry Falwells” who strive to gain an authority over government that Christ never ordained and commanded should never exist (Lu.22:24-26). All these men continue to perpetuate lies that betray the truth as it is "in Christ" leading their flocks to their eternal ruin simply because they all endorse the free exercise of sin against the Ten Commandment Law: with no humility, and no repentance.

     And now we come to one of the latest victims who perished under Satan’s jurisdiction: Paul Walker. The testimonies of his unselfish character show an innocence and basic decency that all admire when they review his life. Many stories have surfaced of his personal philanthropy in the lives of those around him. And so, we ask, once more, “Why could not GOD preserve the life of an essentially decent hearted man?” The contrast between his true life’s character and his roles in the film industry as a death defying car driver gives the answer.

     Once again, the Bible gives the answer to this question. The words of Jesus Christ apply here and across the board on this principle. Whatever example we perpetually set before our fellow man this is ultimately our legacy, as Jesus said: “for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Matt.26:52. In these words of Christ are seen the danger in placing our success in things that are fundamentally destructive. It is the ungodly method of Paul's fame that was identical to his manner of death. That is the lesson that should be taken to heart. Essentially, it was Paul's succumbing to the world's demand for immoral entertainment that paved the way for Paul’s premature death.

     All must study for themselves the rules of engagement between Christ and Satan. For only in this knowledge can we know where our safety lay. It is only under the banner of Jesus Christ! We are either under the umbrella of GOD’S blessing and protection or under Satan’s mechanisms of deception and destruction. Many decent-hearted people have died, such as Diana and Paul. The outwardly decent ones who are ignorant of these rules stand among Satan’s special targets of destruction, for the devil despises any displays of godliness. This is why Paul said, “All who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” II Tim.3:12. Only those who serve Satan's demoralizing purposes are left alone to live out their carnal lives, with no heart for true decency, or humility toward GOD, and no repentance from sin.

     Without GOD’S protecting hand among men, the number of these tragedies would be far worse. So, let us turn to the One Who Alone can watch over our daily lives, to fulfill the call to the knowledge of salvation, and of duty in our service to the One Who “gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Jn.3:16.


       Commandment Keepers invites every Christian to join the closing work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establish twelve member groups within your respective country, heralding the titles: Commandment Keepers Kenyan Assembly, British Assemby, Brazilian Assembly, etc.  As the Bible teaches, the redeemed of earth will come from "every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." Rev.14:6. And all will have stood faithful to Christ's Words, "But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments." Matt.19:17.
       To meet the specific cultural needs of the different peoples of the world, a custom tailored witness is vital for successful evangelism.  While the message of Salvation through the Creator/Christ is universal in its scope, people's cultural affections vary greatly from land to land.  What can bring tears of joy to one group can actually harden the hearts of another.
       To receive this ministry outline click "The Evangelists" below. It contains all the materials needed to succeed in this invaluable type of ministry.
       Two reasons for the need of small church companies at this time in history:
  1. There are six branch ministries, which cover all areas of the closing gospel work, providing each member with an invaluable task.  Teamed up in pairs for each of the branch ministries, none will sit on the sidelines, feeling useless, and where each have equal value to the success of the ministry's work. 
  2. Economic streamlining has become an essential factor in the closing work.  As America and other countries proceed in their place in Bible prophecy a structure of ministry must be in place to carry out the Savior's closing work on the minds and hearts of the people just at the time it is needed the most.  
       This efficient, low cost approach to the closing work will be lavished with GOD'S blessing.  Each of these small church companies will be given an eloquent, persuasive testimony by GOD: to share in the most privileged work on Earth: enlightening the world with His Glory: His redeeming love found in the truth, as the truth is in Jesus:" as Creator of heaven and earth; what He has done: as bearing the punishment for the sins of men; and what He is doing: interceding on behalf of His faithful children who are continuously accused of the devil; and what He will do: deliver His faithful children when He comes again. 
       Through His Presence, Guidance and Intervention, the faith of Bible literate and obedient Christians will swell to a lofty summit, preparing them for the coming of the LORD.  
       Lastly, no tithe is required except to budget your ministry's needs.

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