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VI. What is Sin?
VII. Who is Satan?
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X. How Can I Express My Gratitude to Jesus Christ For His Love and Sacrifice for Me?
XI. What Methods Does GOD Use To Provide Life And Salvation?
XII. How To Understand The Closing Events
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XIV. How Have All The Churches Failed The GOD They Claim To Serve?
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Testimony of My Fall & Restoration


     If you are a Christian who believes the history of life on Earth outlined in the Bible you are the laughing stock of atheists. Many Christians have succumbed to the academic intimidation from those whose hearts despise the mere thought of GOD'S existence. Even the pope has bowed before the ruling science of today.

     But the scientific evidence of GOD'S account of creation is overwhelming, and openly rebukes the "faith" of evolution. Nevertheless, the existing thinking today actually promotes contradictions, where irrefutable science is rejected and the only remedy left to resolve the contradictions is to follow someone’s opinion, a view contrived outside of ethical logic. To allow the human passions to overrule the noble power of reason literally cripples the intellect. This is the worst course of action that could be taken when making determinations. Men refuse to build bridges between the competing arguments. They always seem to bless one class of evidence to the neglect of another. This leads to the continuing false view that our gut instinct is our best judgment. The problem with this thinking is that the rulership of our sense of reason is undermined and the base instincts of our human nature prevail in the decision making process. This is why we see feelings as the leading counselors in the decisions of life when the virtue of ethical logic should reside at the throne of every mind.

     Let's examine some evidence supporting Divine Creation in light of current scientific thought. The foundation of evolution rests on life's formation by natural means, which our previous post showed is technically impossible. The complexity of life verifies the impossibility of its formation outside of Divine Intervention. Man's false hypothesis has been united with the opinion that life's diversity exists through the slow process of mutation, where the most- simple building blocks of life develop over long periods of time to eventually evolve into the stature of man. But mutation as a plausible explanation for life's varieties has also been proven theoretically impossible: "A mutation as little as a billionth of an animal's genome is relentlessly fatal," according to the world's leading geneticists, Barney Maddox and Francis Collins. This is why we call them birth defects, and is why all species of life have safety mechanisms in their reproductive process to prevent even the slightest mutation from the pattern of inheritance. These "checkpoints" in the reproduction process prevents the species from crossing over any boundaries that would blur the distinctions between the different families of life and thus destroy the balance of nature and the symbiotic harmony that exists between them. Today’s scientists have given what they call “adaptive radiation” (life’s ability to adapt to environmental changes) a range of flexibility that crosses the clear boundary of the law forbidding mutation. It is also interesting to note that while the theory of evolution demands the uninterrupted ascent of life, from the simplest to the most complex, there does not exist one bridging species, either living or in the fossil record connecting any of the families of life on earth: they remain separate and distinct. This is also in harmony with the law of symbiosis and the Biblical Genesis; and once again there is no contradiction.

     Our nearest relative in the animal kingdom is the chimpanzee. The difference between us has been measured to be 48,000,000 Nucleotide. Due to the law of inheritance forbidding a mutation of even one in a billion of an animal’s genome, it becomes obvious that a chimpanzee will forever remain a chimpanzee.

     To complete this portion of our study we need to expose the greatest hoax of American education. "Nebraska Man," the so-called "missing link" connecting the primate family with man was the archeological discovery that brought the theory of evolution into the public education system of the United States. There was a lawsuit brought to court by atheist scientists against the traditional Creationist platform of education. The Creationism that was taught was always coupled with common guidelines of morality—the two went hand-in-hand. But the court case of evolution against Creationism changed all that. The atheists won the lawsuit and the theory of evolution became the new belief in man's creation within our public education system. GOD was removed and thus weakened His call for man to uphold the high standards of morality in which our mutual safety is dependent. One tooth, dug up from the earth, heralded to the world as "Nebraska Man," was the only evidence needed to overthrow the centuries-old platform of education to our children.

     A short time after the lawsuit was over the rest of the skeleton of "Nebraska Man" was found; and the skeleton that was dug up was nothing more than a pig. The court ruling was not overturned as it should have been and society was left destitute of truth, all because of the betrayal perpetrated by hypocrites pretending to be impartial in their scientific research. Fact: The minds of the scientists were already made up prior to their research. Prejudice was their true motivation: a hateful prejudice, not against men but against GOD. The authority held today within atheistic science will never be relinquished due to the sting of humiliation that these men would have to face were they to acknowledge that the foundation of their belief system is in fact a lie. Evolution is a faith not a science; and many have gone to their graves believing and teaching this faith. What is the legacy of these men? Their legacy demonstrates their willingness to exalt lies to throne of knowledge and by so doing dethrone the sacred authority of truth in the guiding of mankind.

     What is the leading factor that has led science, religion, law, and medicine to fall into the trap of exalting falsehood as the standard of measurement, and thus traditions that are oppressive to truth are passed from generation to generation? They displace evidence from the context of its environment and create fables around it according to their own vain imagination. Impulsive, selfish estimations are continuously exalted to the throne of the decision making process. Negligence of truth is now declared a virtue. What lies at the heart of it all? It is the lust for self-exaltation that lies at the root of this and all injustice. It explains why we see so many men who are willing to promote confusion, contradictions, and only partial solutions; for through the actions that avoid true solutions their authority continues; and so does the abuse.

     Here we are today with a whole host of opinions being given to our children, which are declared as impartial science. The façade of humble estimation that was first given to establish the trust of the common man has now transformed into arrogant declarations, lording an authority that has no right to exist. The tone of humility no longer exists. What is truly sad is that when we examine this intellectual fascism elsewhere we discover that every field of study employs supremacy-tactics to suppress the precious nature of truth. The suppression of truth always leads to increasing abuse, for as the evidence accumulates in opposition to the accepted falsehood those who follow the lie go to greater lengths to maintain their hold on power, a power that was granted to them through the promotion of a lie. Men in general find no honor in humility, therefore revisions rarely if ever come. Man is betrayed whenever plain evidence is disregarded. All would agree that every falsehood taught as truth perpetrates a disservice to man and against life itself.
In summation, it is impossible for the theory of evolution to have any legitimacy because symbiotic law demands that if evolution was true life could not exist at all. Did you hear that? If the theory of evolution was true life could not exist, period, for the concept of evolution is predicated on life's ability to exist apart from the harmonious contributions from the many other creatures, both great and small. It's like saying that the heart can function apart from the body: it is a technical impossibility.

     Why is it that man wants to hold to this idea of a godless creation? Why is it that men want to put the Creator of heaven and earth at arms length? To believe in a personal Creator naturally requires accountability to Him. But man runs from this accountability just the way the Bible describes that our Premier Father and Mother, Adam and Eve, hid themselves from GOD in the Garden of Eden when they adopted the foolish idea that GOD was a liar and could not be trusted. And that distrust led them to eat of the one fruit that GOD had personally warned them was poisonous. The denial of GOD’S Word is what began the whole cycle of death on earth, and this lies at the heart of all of man’s problems.

     It is a war against GOD’S Word: the Word spoken in perfect love that has caused this great tragedy for life. All creatures on earth have become victims to man’s disregard of GOD’S Word. And when men exalt lies, be they scientists, doctors, educators, lawyers, or priests, they are in fact serving a system of government that works against their own deepest aspirations; for GOD has given all men a psychological profile: an inherent sense of justice, mercy, and love. But men, by the tens of millions, have seared their conscience against this Heaven-born Love, and the laws of government that support its existence.

     When we cannot rest in the knowledge that our Creator truly loves us and only works to achieve our good we create other theories to give us a sense of value. The only way to establish true self-esteem is to search and discover the scientific and moral truth of GOD'S supreme love for us. And once the principle of unselfish love is discovered as the leading attribute of our Creator, our value as individuals swells to a lofty summit; for we learn that GOD Himself lives to serve no less than the heart or the lungs exist to serve. But how much greater is GOD than your heart! Symbiotic law, which is the cornerstone of universal government proves both the existence of GOD and His self-emptying love towards His Creation.



       Commandment Keepers invites every Christian to join the closing work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establish twelve member groups within your respective country, heralding the titles: Commandment Keepers Kenyan Assembly, British Assemby, Brazilian Assembly, etc.  As the Bible teaches, the redeemed of earth will come from "every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." Rev.14:6. And all will have stood faithful to Christ's Words, "But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments." Matt.19:17.
       To meet the specific cultural needs of the different peoples of the world, a custom tailored witness is vital for successful evangelism.  While the message of Salvation through the Creator/Christ is universal in its scope, people's cultural affections vary greatly from land to land.  What can bring tears of joy to one group can actually harden the hearts of another.
       To receive this ministry outline click "The Evangelists" below. It contains all the materials needed to succeed in this invaluable type of ministry.
       Two reasons for the need of small church companies at this time in history:
  1. There are six branch ministries, which cover all areas of the closing gospel work, providing each member with an invaluable task.  Teamed up in pairs for each of the branch ministries, none will sit on the sidelines, feeling useless, and where each have equal value to the success of the ministry's work. 
  2. Economic streamlining has become an essential factor in the closing work.  As America and other countries proceed in their place in Bible prophecy a structure of ministry must be in place to carry out the Savior's closing work on the minds and hearts of the people just at the time it is needed the most.  
       This efficient, low cost approach to the closing work will be lavished with GOD'S blessing.  Each of these small church companies will be given an eloquent, persuasive testimony by GOD: to share in the most privileged work on Earth: enlightening the world with His Glory: His redeeming love found in the truth, as the truth is in Jesus:" as Creator of heaven and earth; what He has done: as bearing the punishment for the sins of men; and what He is doing: interceding on behalf of His faithful children who are continuously accused of the devil; and what He will do: deliver His faithful children when He comes again. 
       Through His Presence, Guidance and Intervention, the faith of Bible literate and obedient Christians will swell to a lofty summit, preparing them for the coming of the LORD.  
       Lastly, no tithe is required except to budget your ministry's needs.

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